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Our Mission

We are a multicultural OBGYN-led organization that works to share the stories of the real-time harm happening to patients and providers in post-Roe America. Our goal is to amplify stories in traditional and social media keeping reproductive justice in the forefront. Below you’ll find some examples of the work we’ve done and wonderful organizations we’ve been able to partner with.

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On November 3rd 2022, abortion providers, medical professionals from multiple specialties, and medical students from over 14 different states came together in DC to lead a collective day of action in protest of abortion bans. They shared the very real risk doctors face when treating patients with the care they need when abortion is banned, the harmful consequences that a national abortion ban would bring, and called on politicians to restore their ability to provide abortion care.
You can read more about that event here.
In October 2023, we had the honor of accompanying The American Civil Liberties Union along with 140 representatives from dozens of civil society organizations to brief the U.N. human rights experts in Geneva, Switzerland. We urged them to hold the U.S. government accountable for policies and practices that violate the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Along with Ipas, Global Justice Center, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, RH Impact, and State Innovation Exchange we submitted a shadow report detailing how abortion restrictions violate human rights. Stories submitted via this website and social media channels were included in the report, and read in testimony to the U.N. human rights experts panel.  
You can read more about the gathering here and the full report we submitted here.



Amplifying stories of patients who have been harmed by these bans, with a focus on communities that are most vulnerable.

Amplifying stories of providers who are in hostile or sanctuary states who are being targeted or working an untenable amount.


Partnering with organizations and engaging in project-based initiatives to keep the fight going.

Engaging with communities who need education, resources, and funding – with an intentional focus on those traditionally ignored and thus most harmed.


Partnering with current and future abortion providers to ensure this critical provision of healthcare does not disappear because of limitations on medical training via helping with funds for training and novel ways to expand access.

We will not go backwards!


Meet the Founders

We are trusted OBGYNs active in advocacy with a combined 3.5 million followers on social, and we have a track record of going viral and making change happen.

Dr. Jenn Conti

Complex Family Planning Physician
Social Media Educator
Medical Journalist

Stanford, CA

Dr. Heather Irobunda

Social Media Educator
Medical Advisor
Medical writer

Bronx, NY

Dr. Jennifer Lincoln

OB Hospitalist
Social Media Educator
Founder, ThreeForFreedom.com

Portland, OR


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