Obstetricians for Reproductive Justice


Our Mission

We are a multicultural OBGYN-led organization that works to share the stories of the real-time harm happening to patients and providers in post-Roe America. Our goal is to go to communities where our presence is needed to bring financial and logistical support as well as education, and by amplifying stories in traditional and social media keeping reproductive justice in the forefront. We are nimble, bold, and in positions of power as reproductive health experts in protected states – and we are ready to act.

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Amplifying stories of patients who have been harmed by these bans, with a focus on communities that are most vulnerable.

Amplifying stories of providers who are in hostile or sanctuary states who are being targeted or working an untenable amount.


Creating opportunities for doctor-led activism that hasn’t been done in this way before.

Engaging with communities who need education, resources, and funding – with an intentional focus on those traditionally ignored and thus most harmed.


Partnering with current and future abortion providers to ensure this critical provision of healthcare does not disappear because of limitations on medical training via helping with funds for training and novel ways to expand access.

We will not go backwards!


Meet the Founders

We are trusted OBGYNs active in advocacy with a combined 3.5 million followers on social, and we have a track record of going viral and making change happen.

Dr. Jenn Conti

Complex Family Planning Physician
Social Media Educator
Medical Journalist

Stanford, CA

Dr. Heather Irobunda

Social Media Educator
Medical Advisor
Medical writer

Bronx, NY

Dr. Jennifer Lincoln

OB Hospitalist
Social Media Educator
Founder, ThreeForFreedom.com

Portland, OR


Why did you create ORJ and not partner with others already doing this work?

We are so thankful for organizations that have long been in this fight, and we definitely considered this partnership model. The lightbulb for ORJ went off when we didn’t see an OBGYN-led organization that looked and felt like us: fiery, aggressive, and willing to push the envelope in unique ways because we are nimble and in less regulated states – basically, the opportunity to be bolder and agile. That was when ORJ was born. It takes all kinds of organizations in this fight, and we already have and plan to continue to partner and amplify others while blazing our trail too.

Are you a 501(c)(3)?

Yes, which means all donations are tax deductible as permitted by law. We are fiscally sponsored by Build Up, Inc., a 501(c)(3). We chose to partner with Build Up, Inc. as our fiscal sponsor because they are the only fiscal sponsor founded by a woman of color and they have a focus on public health, criminal justice, education, women’s rights, fiscal governance and transparency, economic advancement, equality, democracy, and human rights. Basically, everything we strongly believe in and want to be associated with!

How can I get involved?

The best way to know what we’re doing next is to sign up for our mailing list. We would also encourage you to follow our social accounts and help amplify the stories we are working hard to put together and get out in to the world.

And of course, donating funds is one of the very best ways to make our projects become a reality. We hope you’ll consider it!

What does my donation go to?

Saving the country (jk…or not). Funds go directly to organizational support (the boring stuff like assistants and website maintenance), community support (the more interesting stuff like creating educational materials, helping local groups or advocacy leaders fund program needs, fulfilling abortion clinic wish lists, and other practical support needs that will all vary based on what a community needs), and production costs to tell the essential post-Roe harm stories unravelling all across the country, legal, security, and travel costs. You can see more about what that looks like here.

Are you making money off of this work?

As of now, we are actively spending our own money to get ORJ off the ground. We do believe in fair compensation and do plan at some point to draw a fair salary for the hours of work we are pouring into this outside of our clinical jobs. We know that women – especially those from underrepresented groups – are frequently unfairly paid for the work they do. We believe in setting an example for fair compensation so others considering this path can see that we deserve to be paid the same as men who do similar work and often never question compensation for such work!

Can I share my story?

Absolutely. We have a dedicated page here for patients or providers to share their experience of post-Roe harm. You are welcome to share anonymously or opt to be contacted in the future.


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